OBDSTAR P001 Programmer RFID Renew Key EEPROM Functions 3 in 1 (Артикул: PRP001)

OBDSTAR P001 Programmer RFID Renew Key EEPROM Functions 3 in 1
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Артикул: PRP001
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OBDSTAR P001 Programmer RFID Renew Key EEPROM Functions 3 in 1
OBDSTAR P001 Programmer RFID & Renew Key & EEPROM Functions 3 in 1 Work with
OBDSTAR X300 DP Master On the basis of original adapter features, P001 programmer, integrated with the EEPROM adapter, RFID adapter and Key Renew adapter, is a multifunctional programmer. It brings a brand new experience, which not only allows auto technician to reduce more cumbersome procedures, but also can be compatible with simulated smart keys to realize the Toyota all lost. P001 Programmer Support Vehicle List: IMMO for VW AUDI SKODA SEAT 4 & 5 GEN (Same function as the RFID Adapter) The 4th and 5th generation for the programming of VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT are added as follows: 1. CDC+24C32 Types 2. NEC+24C32 Types 3. 2013 Johnson Types; 4. Motorola 9S12XHZ512 Types; 5. NEC+24C64 Color Screen- Type 1 6. NEC+24C64 Color Screen- Type 2 7. NEC+24C64 White Screen Type 8. NEC+24C64(VDO -12)Type 9. NEC+95320 Type 10. NEC+35XX Type 11. Magotan/ CC Type 12. Q7/A6L(C6)9S12DT(G)128 Type 13. Q7/A6L(C6)9S12DT(G)256 Type 14. Lifan Marvell models are added, which includes Add/Clear Keys, Program/Delete ESCL functions. 15. Jiangling MU-X models are added as key programming and key clearing. Renew Used Key to be Blank One for Programming New Key. ( Same Function as the PCF79XX Renew Key adapter) Audi 5th generation immo Board 233.453.111-02 315MHZ 8T0959754A 315MHZ 8T0959754C 315MHZ 8T0959754J Board 233.453.111-05/06 315MHZ 4G0959754G 315MHZ 4G0959754J 315MHZ 4H0959754G 315MHZ 4H0959754J 315MHZ 8T0959754A 315MHZ 8T0959754C 315MHZ 8T0959754G 315MHZ 8T0959754J 433MHZ 8T0959754 868MHZ 4G0959754K 868MHZ 4H0959754K 868MHZ 8T0959754D Board 233.453.211-01/02 315MHZ 4G0959754J 315MHZ 8H0959754DB 315MHZ 8K0959754 315MHZ 8K0959754C 315MHZ 8K0959754G BMW E chassis ono-original key_OEM_KEY original key_315MHZ original key_868MHZ F chassis 315MHZ IN-Circuit-5WK49663 IN-Circuit-HUF5662 434MHZ IN-Circuit-5WK49662 IN-Circuit-HUF5663 IN-Circuit-HUF5767 868MHZ IN-Circuit-5WK49661 IN-Circuit-HUF5661 Porshe 315MHZ 7PP959753BM 7PP959753BQ 433MHZ 7PP959753BN 7PP959753BS 7PP959753AJ Peugeot 21676652 E25CI009 E28CI01B E33CI002 VW Touareg 433MHZ 7P6959754AO 868MHZ 7P6959754L 868MHZ 7P6959754AT Volvo smart card 900MHZ 5WK49266 Chrysler 1YZ-C01C-ChipMarking 567_738_031 Keylessgo 567_373_061 IN-Circuit-0HT692427AA IN-Circuit-0HT692713AA IN-Circuit-K0B0T04A IN-Circuit-M3N5WY72XX IN-Circuit-M3N5WY783X Renault double button 433MHZ ChipMarking 2244706 remote control 433MHZ ChipMarking F7945MC2200 smart card 433MHZ ChipMarking F7953MC2200 smart card 433MHZ ChipMarking 049621C03 Landrover 315MHZ YWX000061 315MHZ YWX000071 smart key 434MHZ 5E0U40247 Opel double button 433MHZ 13500235 triple button 433MHZ 13500234 Corsa double button 433MHZ 13188281 Corsa triple button 433MHZ 13188284 Astra/Zafira double button 433MHZ 13149645 Astra/Zafira double button 433MHZ 13149658 Kia Keylessgo_ChipMarking 049620C03 7952CMFCH02 CMFEU03 HMFEU04 HMFKR04 HMFNA04 Mitsubishi 434MHZ G8D_644M_KEY_434MHZ_F7952A GM Buick smart key 315MHZ Keylessgo_13500224_13584825_5keys Keylessgo_13500225_13584825_4keys Cadillac smart key 315MHZ Keylessgo_NBG009768T GM samrt key

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